Beanie Boo Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of These Adorable Plush Toys

Welcome to the Beanie Boo Quiz, where we’ll put your knowledge of these adorable plush toys to the test! Beanie Boos have captured the hearts of children and collectors worldwide with their large, expressive eyes and huggable charm. Whether you’re a seasoned Beanie Boo enthusiast or just curious about these cuddly companions, this quiz is sure to be a delightful challenge. Let’s dive in and see how much you know about these beloved plush toys!

Question 1: When were Beanie Boos first introduced to the world?

a) 1993
b) 2005
c) 2009
d) 2012

Question 2: What distinguishes Beanie Boos from other plush toys?

a) Their giant ears
b) Their sparkly fur
c) Their small size
d) Their glowing eyes

Question 3: What is the unique feature of each Beanie Boo’s tag?

a) A birthdate and a poem
b) A secret message
c) A lucky charm
d) A personalized name

Question 4: What size are typical Beanie Boo plush toys?

a) Small, about 6 inches
b) Medium, about 12 inches
c) Large, about 18 inches
d) Extra-large, about 24 inches

Question 5: Which animal was the first Beanie Boo ever created as?

a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Elephant
d) Dolphin

Question 6: What material are Beanie Boos usually made of?

a) Polyester
b) Cotton
c) Wool
d) Acrylic

Question 7: What is the name of the Ty Inc. founder who created Beanie Boos?

a) Nigo
b) Benito
c) H. Ty Warner
d) David Smith

Question 8: What are the names of some popular Beanie Boo dragons?

a) Slick, Spike, and Draco
b) Pegasus, Ember, and Scales
c) Firecracker, Sparkles, and Twinkle
d) Rocky, Spike, and Puff

Question 9: Which Beanie Boo was created to support endangered animal conservation?

a) Safari the Giraffe
b) Coconut the Monkey
c) Kiwi the Toucan
d) Dotty the Leopard

Question 10: What inspired the name “Beanie Boo”?

a) The popular “Beanie Babies” brand
b) The founder’s favorite movie, “Mr. Bean”
c) A line from a classic nursery rhyme
d) The bean-shaped pellets inside the plush toys


  1. c) 2009
  2. d) Their glowing eyes
  3. a) A birthdate and a poem
  4. b) Medium, about 12 inches
  5. c) Elephant
  6. a) Polyester
  7. c) H. Ty Warner
  8. b) Pegasus, Ember, and Scales
  9. c) Kiwi the Toucan
  10. d) The bean-shaped pellets inside the plush toys


  • 0-3 correct answers: You’re a Beanie Boo beginner, but don’t worry, there’s so much more to learn about these adorable plush toys!
  • 4-7 correct answers: You have a decent knowledge of Beanie Boos! Keep exploring their world to become an expert.
  • 8-10 correct answers: Congratulations, you’re a Beanie Boo expert! You’ve mastered the world of these cuddly companions.

We hope you enjoyed the Beanie Boo Quiz! Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, these lovable plush toys continue to bring joy to people of all ages. Keep on cuddling and collecting these adorable Beanie Boos!

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